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a casual picnic wedding

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you or any of your followers have any fun ideas for a casual picnic wedding? Most of us don’t really like to dance, so I’m looking for other types of entertainment that wouldn’t be tacky but still fit in the picnic theme. Thanks!

as far as entertainment goes, i’m always a huge fan of photobooths [you get photos at the end and it keeps guests entertained so it’s a win, win!].  your guests will probably be sitting down so any kind of simple board games [i personally love chinese checkers] or classic cards.  try setting up some lawn games like croquet or bocce ball.  and here are some photos for inspiration that are not related at all to your entertainment…





[free “let’s picnic” invitations]

these yellow gingham invitations may be a bit too informal for a wedding, but i’ll leave it up to you to determine whether or not they are a good fit.

vintage picnic basket wedding invitations from minted

i love how the wedding venue is the same as the reception venue and the food has already been distributed in a variety of vintage picnic baskets.

keep in mind that some of your guests might not be physically able to get down on the ground to sit… depending on your location, hay bales with quilts over them could be an option for these guests or traditional picnic tables.

do any of you have any suggestions for a casual picnic wedding?

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